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Looking for love is always a daunting task for most people across the world. The uphill tasks characterizing the challenges experienced in search for love always emanate from different sources…
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Too ugly to love
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Too Ugly for Love? al Affiliation Too Ugly for Love? Looking for love is always a daunting task for most people across the world. Theuphill tasks characterizing the challenges experienced in search for love always emanate from different sources. Some of these sources of challenges are may adopt the social aspects whereas the other challenges may precipitate from financial constraints. But nevertheless, it is a fact that success in the search for love is vested in an individual’s self esteem, determination as well as the winning spirit. These contribute towards fueling the desire to break the physical looks, social odds, financial constraints as well as other challenges in order to succeed in conquering the love of one’s heart. In relation to the above, it is important to note that social issues as well as physical factors are always the core factors that prolong one’s search for love. This paper is going to discuss the video entitled “Too Ugly for Love?” This video focuses on the body dysmorphic disorders, as well as their effects in polluting people’s minds through stigmatization, obsessions as well as ill informed beliefs, that make most people fail to realize the dreams that would otherwise be achieved if such social ills were overcome (
The social factors as well as physical factors may manifest in the form of personal looks or appearances, body shape and size, as well as the negative roles played by stigmatization. In terms of personal looks, one may be termed ugly by the society. This may command significantly slim chances of such people in the success of finding love. This can be magnified if such a person also believes that he or she is ugly. Other agents of appearance desperations are also vested in the diseases that distort the appearance of individuals. The diseases are responsible for causing the body dysmorphic disorders that do not marry well with the physical appearances of individuals as they can always lead to amputation, irregular and distorted shapes of the heads, breasts, genitals, nose as well as skins. Other body dysmorphic disorders may also be manifest via mouth and teeth. These may always lead to stigmatization from external sources as well as from within the individual himself. This may make such a person feel not fit for love.
The video highlights that the people suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorders always engage in compulsive behaviors that are always designed to counteract the social stigma, obsessions as negative and retrogressive beliefs. Such ill beliefs, obsessions and stigma always make such people have misinformed perceptions that they have defects in appearances, thereby leading to slim chances in being loved ( Such body dysmorphic disorders always make such peoples develop habits of distancing themselves from individuals, avoid socialization as well as reduce their extracurricular activities.
However, it is important to note that beauty is not perfection. Ugliness is neither imperfection. Both beauty and ugliness are vested in an individual’s perception. Thus, there is no succinct and conventional definition of beauty, ugliness or anything in between the two as depicted by the video ( In this manner, it is important to conclude that no one is neither too ugly for love, too beautiful for love nor too handsome for love. Diseases are always there. Everyone can become sick including those perceived beautiful. Such diseases can alter the perceived beauty to the perceived “ugliness”. Thus, this should not define one’s success in the quest for love as depicted by the video.
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Too Ugly to Love Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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