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The Life Span perspective of human development - Essay Example

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Lifespan refers to the time that gets extended form the time of conception to death, and therefore lifespan development simply refers to a process of conception and all the inclusive activities until death. The lifespan perspective of human development analyses how an individual…
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The Life Span perspective of human development
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Download file to see previous pages In this essay paper on psychology, I am going to analyze the process of human growth and development, through its theories, identify the aspect of lifespan perspective and hereditary factors of growth.
There are a number of theories that have gotten developed primarily for the purposes of giving explanations on a number of aspects pertaining to human growth and development (Cronin & Mandich, 2005). The theories of human growth and development establish a number of sets of guiding principles among other concepts that offer description and explanation the entire process of human development. They provide room as well as facilitating the process of individuals making their growth to take a positive path, since they give the understanding methodologies and reasons why individuals undergo dynamism and growth. The major three theories of human growth and development include the psychoanalytic theory, learning theories and cognitive theories.
This is one of the major significant and relevant theories that seek to explain the process of human growth and development (Cronin & Mandich, 2005). In the present society, there are a number of modern and post developed theories of counseling or rather psychotherapy, which have undergone extensions from the psychoanalytic theories. Some of these modern theories have developed a number of modifications while others reactions and critics against the psychoanalytic theories of human growth and development.
The psychoanalytic theories conduct deep examination into some of the possible factors that are likely to motivate human behavior by concentrating their focus on the roles played by the unconscious. Among the most relevant theorist who offered their support to this particular approach of understanding human growth and development are Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. Considering Feud, his was the first person to establish psychoanalytic theory of personality as well as ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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