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Life Span Development Models and Assessment of Service Users - Essay Example

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In the assessment service users by employing lifespan development models,the age profile of the service users is very important,because psychological,social and environmental framework,grief manifestations and the emotional behavior of the people vary based on the phase of the life cycle…
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Life Span Development Models and Assessment of Service Users
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Download file to see previous pages There have been several models proposed by the different intellectuals and scholars like Aristotle, Solon, Confucius and Shakespeare which divided life into stages of various timelines in each stage. The relevance of the different classifications might have been appropriate to the structure of the society prevailing at a particular period in the history or the degree of the refinement intended by these authorities. According to the Levinson’s model ‘each era has its distinctive and unifying character of learning’ (Tennant and Pogson 1995, p.72)Essentially, according to Levinson, the life cycle is chronologically composed of: pre adulthood (conception - age 22), early adult transition (age 17 - age 22), early adulthood (age 17 - age 45), midlife transition (age 40 - age 45), middle adulthood (age 40 - age 65), late adulthood transition (age 60 - 65), and late adulthood (age 60 - death). Thus, Levinson proposes a very specific age-dependent conception of the life cycle. (Woolf, 1998) The inconsistency in the description of life-span or life cycle in the models as propounded in various theories could be confusing in the absence of clear-cut definitions. The terms ‘life-span’, and ‘life cycle’ and its classification are often used interchangeably with overlapping. However, in a broader sense, life-span being life from conception to death, life-span development is about the approach to the study of developments taking place in the life-span. It is also important to understand that the development is a continuous process and very dynamic; similarly the environment which undergoes changes constantly and is dynamic. The young persons’ needs at the age of 14 vary from education, accommodation to health and emotional welfare. The persons at times may not be able to express their need due to lack of experience or understanding. An experienced professional should be in a position to make assessment through observance and interaction by integrating family support and parental responsibility wherever possible. The filial and family relationships, occupational and other relationships at the community level undergo changes or getting modified in adulthood, and therefore B at the age of 35 is exposed to the related issues. The balancing act of being independent as well being part of the community or society without impairing one’s independence in line with the needs of the business or profession and for its future growth should be considered at this stage, and therefore, analysis of these factors in the assessment is important. In the case of C, providing for proper place of preference for living plays an important role, because the person should feel more comfortable or accepted by the community. Psychological and social framework Though the purpose of assessment varies from person to person or the type of health and social care services needed. The interaction or relationship between the individual and the environment is interdependent, very complex and is predominantly guided by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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