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The Benett’s concept on personalization, dramatization, and fragmentation and normalization covers the way the media portrays news items to the general public so as to achieve a desired objective. For countries allied to the US, the media becomes keen to portray them as good…
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Media Assginment
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Psychology Benett’s concept The Benett’s concept on personalization, dramatization, and fragmentation and normalization covers the way the media portrays news items to the general public so as to achieve a desired objective. For countries allied to the US, the media becomes keen to portray them as good and threatened while they are under attack while for the rivals, the media portrays them as the aggressor and cause of the conflict.
News items are personalized according to the political relationship between the country involved and the US. Instances of dramatization of news items are evident so s to emphasize the objectives of the presented item. According to Ott and Mack (62), dramatization exaggerates the issues on the ground so as to portray a pre-desired goal most of which is a misrepresentation of facts. Where factual evidence might give the news item a different meaning, media houses fragment them and pay less attention to those findings. Normal scenes are intertwined with other dramatized scenes so as to create a near true impression of the facts on the ground.
In the three news reports, the Benett’s concept is evident. For Rome, the media portrays the offender as one suffering from mental disorder and fro a region that is full of hate. This is meant to give the audience the feeling that people from the region where the offender originates from are not worried about causing harm to others. For Libya, the fact that Khadafi’s adopted infant daughter died in the attack is fragmented to depict that the crime was well planned and fully executed. Sri-Lanka’s story is normalized with provision of historical facts. This is mainly done because of the neutrality of their relationship with the US and therefore the media does not take sides.
In the current news coverage, the public continues to be fed on news that makes them to take desired sides and be in line with the government opinions. Case in point is the current case of war and terror from ISIS. The media concentrates on passing the information on the current state of affairs in Syria, and rarely highlight the history of the violence. Much attention is also focused on their inhuman nature and how they mistreat women and treat them as spoils of war. By so doing, the general public takes side with the government and supports the governments’ initiative to bring peace in the region. South Africa is portrayed in a more neutral manner since they have a relatively neutral relationship with the US.
Snowden case
Edward Snowden a former CIA agent exposed the secrets of the US spy operations to the media. As a result, the media portrayed him as a coward whose objective was to hurt the US. However, if Snowden exposed the operations of a rival country, he could be portrayed as a hero and the information he could provide could be exaggerated, emphasized and portrayed as vital information that would assist the US to know how to handle the rival country. If the information could be from a neutral country, the media would pay less attention to the exposed facts and could just portray the information in their neutral state without exaggeration or fragmentation so that the public could be free to make their own judgment.
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Ott, Brian L, and Robert L. Mack Critical Media Studies: An Introduction. Chichester, U.K: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. Print.
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