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Employees are the primary success-driven systems of any organization. Therefore, a candidate who becomes an employee to a particular must follow a due…
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Fit into their environments
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Expansion to my Colleagues Posting Expansion to my Colleagues Posting EXPANSION TO MY COLLEAGUES POSTING The framework, Person-Environment (PE) fit theory is a key driving force behind the successful worker location and hiring. Employees are the primary success-driven systems of any organization. Therefore, a candidate who becomes an employee to a particular must follow a due course based on effective locating and hiring plan. The Company can be on the verge of collapse of the employees are not hired to fit the job. Such employees must be properly be evaluated and assessed for their job suitability. Moreover, the confidentiality policy of the Company must always be an integral part of an effective firm. An employee who aimlessly share the challenges or the weakness of the firm is never loyal to the firm and can cause other competitors to create a competitive edge relative to the firm. A qualified employee who goes through the whole process of job hiring is an essential asset to the firm since he understands that the primary goal of the firm is to serve its customers satisfactorily. Indeed, success-oriented firms are driven by the philosophy of the customers’ best interest. Employee X was irregularly hired and hence caused the firm previously. The adoption of the PE fit theory is the best and proven policy to employ in hiring and locating potential candidates for a particular job based on proper recruitment and location plan (Caplan, 1987). Moreover, the owners of the business should delegate the work completely and with authorities and keep off from interfering by letting particular department do its work as outlined in the policy and best practices.
Caplan, R. D. (1987). Person-environment fit in organizations: Theories, factors, and values. In A. W. Riley & S. J. Zaccaro (Eds.), Occupational stress and organizational ef- fectiveness. New York: Praeger. Read More
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Fit into Their Environments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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