How I Keep My Feelings in Bondage - Essay Example

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In the paper "How I Keep My Feelings in Bondage" the author discusses that he is poor at managing argument. Expression of displeasure to things said or done to him normally causes heated debate or argument. Managing such arguments in the past has been a challenge…
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How I Keep My Feelings in Bondage
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Psychology essay Individuals such as myself hold a believe that by not expressing personal views whenever people close to me does or says something that I do not like helps keep peace. However, to my realization it has been like keeping my feelings in bondage.
In some cases I have held myself back and fail to point out the mistakes those close to me commit. These many times are displeasures committed by my close friends and my family members. The reason has been the fear of losing or breaking social relationship. Friends in my life are like bridges and maintaining the relationship with them has been a major concern when reacting to displeasures they cause what they do or say that am in disagreement.
The other thing that has been keeping me from expressing my displeasure has been the fear of causing emotional pain to those individuals. There are many individuals that I interacted with in the past who had problems in management their emotional pain. More specifically, they had a problem in handling emotional pain brought by my critics and expression of displeasure. This has made me think twice whenever I think of showing my displeasure in modern day.
Closely related to this is the fact that I am poor at managing argument. Expression of displeasure to things said or done to me normally causes heated debate or argument. Managing such arguments in the past has been a challenge and many times have resulted to serious anger and fight. Thus this has been a significant hindrance whenever I think of expressing my displeasure. Read More
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Writer'S Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 49.
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