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One hundred undergraduate psychology students completed two self-report questionnaires: a 12-item trait mindfulness questionnaire (ranging…
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Download file to see previous pages The Pearson correlation coefficient computed above using SPSS indicates there is negative correlation between participants’ levels of trait mindfulness and their levels of depression. The negative correlation between implies if one variable increases, the other one will decrease (Kantowitz, Roediger, & Elmes, 2010). Thus, the correlation between participants’ levels of trait mindfulness and their levels of depression determined means level of depression has tendency of decreasing as level of mindfulness increases.
The experimental experiment hypothesis employed in the study was higher naturally occurring levels of mindfulness has lower levels of depression. However, the correlation coefficient between the two variables computed above indicates the two variables have a negative correlation. Consequently, the experimental hypothesis employed that higher naturally occurring levels of mindfulness has lesser level of depression is true.
One possible alternative explaining the results of the study is differing psychological scenarios facing the different students. Even though the level of mindfulness may be equal to different parties, the extent to which the mindfulness scenario causes depression differs depending on the psychological pressure an individual is facing (Grossman & Walfish, 2014). Thus, the depression by individuals facing equal mindfulness level will differ as reflected by lack of correlation in the study undertaken.
A researcher wants to investigate the impact of level of task difficulty on individuals’ perceptions of the passage of time. All participants were given 4 minutes (240 seconds) to complete a crossword puzzle. Forty participants were randomly assigned to four conditions: group 1 completed a very easy puzzle, group 2 completed a somewhat easy puzzle, group 3 completed a somewhat complex puzzle, and group 4 completed a very complex puzzle. All participants were asked to estimate the length of the task after completion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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