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The different psychological theories, including theories of human development, have emerged as one of the realistic theories that truly explain human growth, especially in mental development (Gawel, 6). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of psychological human motivation…
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Erikson's psychosocial stages
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Introduction The different psychological theories, including theories of human development, have emerged as one of the realistic theories that truly explain human growth, especially in mental development (Gawel, 6). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of psychological human motivation coined by a psychologist scholar by the name Abraham Maslow, during the periods of early 1940s (Loh, Schapper and Wrathall, 3). In this research paper on psychology, I am going to look at my life, past and present and decide on what stages I have completed and if they were successful or unsuccessful. I will also discuss the impact this may have had in my life, and all this will be in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
This particular psychologist scholar was interested in understanding what motivates individuals in their day to day life. This is due to the fact that individuals get motivating towards achieving certain needs. These needs are alternating as well as consequential in a manner that once a particular need gets fulfilled, the individual seeks to fulfill the next need (Maslow, 4). The diagrams below are images of the pyramids used by Maslow in explaining the different hierarchy of needs, retrieved from

Personally, I have completed step one, step two, step three and four, whereby right at the moment, am still in step four, having achieved some of the aspects of this stage. In stage four where am currently at, I have not achieved some of the aspects of this stage, but am still trying to fulfill the needs compressing me at this particular step. I have completed step one and the evidence is that you cannot move to step two and three, as well as step four, before getting done with step one. I have acquired all the biological and physiological needs, which are demanded for one to survive, as well as getting to the college level where I am right now. I have completed step two, which entails the safety needs, such as protection from hazards, security, stability and freedom from other threats. The proof that I am done with this stage is my existence, in other words I am surviving and still live meaning that I have already overcome some of the security threats, which are dominant in stage two. I have overcome stage three too, which entails the love and belongingness needs (Maslow et al., 5). In particular stage, the major elements include friendship, intimacy, affection as well as the feeling of getting loved. I feel that I have passed this step since I had already experienced love and affection from classmates, family members, friends and experienced romantic relationships.
Currently, I am in step four, which is the stage of esteem needs, entailing achievements and success, breaking away from dependency, achieving status, dominating in some a life activities as well as having prestige and self respect from others. The reason why I think I am in this step is due to the academic independency I am having, dominating in sports herein college, as well succeeding in my collage exams. The major thing that I will do to successfully complete this step is to study extra hard so as to excel in my exams and pursue my further studies.
The next step I am remaining with is the last stage, which is the self actualization step. In this stage I have to realize my personal potential as well as having peak experiences. The only way by which I believe I will make it through this step is by attaining my life goals and standards in terms of academic, social and economic life. I will strive to have one of the best job opportunities, get a good salary, drive a big car, live in a mansion, marry the woman of my choice and raise my family.
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