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Protective factors ,risk factors and resiliency of sexual abuse - Essay Example

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The following problem is widespread and universal since it can occur in any community across the world. The high rates of occurrence…
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Protective factors ,risk factors and resiliency of sexual abuse
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Extract of sample "Protective factors ,risk factors and resiliency of sexual abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Among such is considered to be age with the younger females being more at risk than the older ones. Emotional stability and psychological health prove to be influential as well. According to statistics, a wide range of emotional problems, such as schizophrenia or lack of confidence and poor self-esteem are often the risk factors of sexual abuse with women being less able to resist the crime. Scientific literature also agrees that low socioeconomic status and living near the poverty level as well as ethnicity are predictors of such kind of crimes. For instance, Native Americans and African Americans are reported to be twice as likely to suffer assault as are Caucasians. (Sochting, Fairbrother & Koch, 2004)Another strong predictor of sexual abuse is the previous history of victimization that makes a woman several times more prone to becoming a victim in future. As for the rest, sorority membership, having many sexual partners, and spending much time on late night and weekend parties also increase the risk of abuse.
The risk factors for children are similar to the mentioned above as far as they are often concerned with background of children, their emotional and psychological vulnerability. According to different authors, family structure is the leading risk factor of sexual abuse with the risk being at least 10 times higher when children live with a single or step-parents. Importantly, perpetrators admit that are looking for passive, quite, and lonely children from broken homes and for those who are trusting, so it is possible to establish a connection with them. ("Child sexual abuse," ) Furthermore, females are more likely to be victims than males and those who were witnesses of other crimes are more likely to become victims of sexual abuse than those who did not have such experience. Making a sum of other influential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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