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Seamen usually face rough times in the sea while either sailing or while on the cruise ships. Most merchants want their wares delivered in time and…
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Download file to see previous pages it is worth looking into the psychological aspect of piracy in order to get the concept in a better way.2 This paper explores the psychological aspects of piracy in regards to the causes of piracy and its impacts on seafarers.
Many of the pirates were once seamen of good repute but mistreatment by their employers and merchants made them who they are today. It is so in the sense that the enormous pressure that seamen work under may make them to develop psychological trauma. It is evident when some seamen gather to drink and enjoy a good time with their wives and mistresses.3 The history of the pirates stretches long enough to the time when they were sea merchants. The captains of the ships had exclusive rights to the ships and they used this privilege to propagate highhandedness against the merchants. More often than not, merchants are busy people who rush against time to deliver their wares to the people who need them. In psychology, a person develops an attitude or behaviour in accordance with how the immediate surrounding treats him/her.
Seamen were using an escapist approach while on long voyages because they focused more on drinking than on ensuring that they reach their destination. They drank beer and involved themselves in huge merrymaking activities in the hope of forgetting the harsh conditions in the sea. They tried to forget the challenges that they were undergoing while at the sea, especially in the hands of the captains but it was not working out. Some of the seamen find it easy to become pirates than to continue being merchants of doom. In this regard, some of the seamen had developed an inhumane attitude that could lead them to kidnap and even kill their victims. Any person who has undergone psychological trauma has an unstable mind and can harm other people if he/she does not receive the necessary psychological help.4
Sea piracy is not a new phenomenon, considering that it used to thrive in the ancient world. Nonetheless, the pirates may differ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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