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There is a high number of former prisoners who have returned home to their loved ones but face stigmatisation especially when it involves getting decent employment. As such, our resource centre offers assistance to former prisoners enabling them to acquire relevant training and…
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Career Resource Center Outline
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Does thee-x offender feel alienated from the mainstream institutions? - Some may have had negative experiences with schools, hospitals, the police, lawyers and welfare organisations. They may feel ignored or disrespected and may even to be treated with contempt and hostility.
4. Is the ex-offender less educated, less mature than the general population?- This is necessary since the ex offender may be a minor who did poorly in school and may therefore have the opportunity to be trained on important work skills so as to fit in the job market.
5. Does the ex-offender show a high rate of attention deficit, hyper active disorder or other learning disabilities? - If such problems are present and have not been addressed properly, they lead to further skills deficit.
Once the evaluation is over and the ex offenders needs and skills have properly been assessed, it is time to determine whether the ex-offender will require to go through a training program first or if he or she possesses the required skills, and therefore being offered an opportunity to work in the appropriate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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