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The vehicle has four young men who are smoking, and one is also drinking alcohol. The boys’ behavior is clearly from the intoxication of…
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Summary #17
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Paraphrasing, Psychology Summary Basic elements of Modeling from the Clip The basic elements of psychology from the clip provided include behavior, personality, brain functionality and interpersonal relationships. The vehicle has four young men who are smoking, and one is also drinking alcohol. The boys’ behavior is clearly from the intoxication of the drugs that affect their normal brain functionality. One of the boys seems younger than the rest and has a different personality. He views the actions of his mates as destructive but does not say anything about it due to fear. The other three boys enjoy being destructive as they destroy road signs by a trash can they pick along the way. The boy that is reserved is even forced to throw a bowling ball at someone’s car window.
What factors are discussed by Bandura, influenced Mith to model the destructive behaviors?
The theory of Bandura suggests that learning of new things is a cognitive process, and it takes place in a social context. It can occur through observation only or through direct instruction, even when there is no motor reproduction or direct reinforcement of the behavior (Bandura, 1963). The video clip shows how a boy new to the social setting of other boys that abuse drugs and alcohol is influenced to do the same. The boy is hesitant, but he adapts to their ways and tries their behavior by throwing a bowling ball at a different person’s car window.
People who are socially destructive get attracted to this kind of behavior and like physical destruction and dramatized personal injury (Bandura, 1963). The description of the theory has an explicit support from the social behavior of the four boys in the video. According to Bandura, violence got people’s attention because it is simple, prevalent, distinctive, useful and depicted positively in many television programs (Bandura, 1963).
Bandura, A. (1963). Social learning and personality development. New York: Holt, Rinehart,
and Winston. Read More
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