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There are several theories that have been put forward to explain the behavior of a bully, especially during the adolescent stage. These include;
This theory…
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Week 2 Discussion
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Bullying in Schools Bullying Biological, learning, and sociological factors are the major causes of the bully’s behavior in the school set up. There are several theories that have been put forward to explain the behavior of a bully, especially during the adolescent stage. These include;
Attachment Theory
This theory hypothesizes that the duration of attachment a child has to the parents or caregiver determines the development of a child and how the child relates to people subsequently in life. If a child has an insecure attachment, his or her response comes with extreme hostility levels and aggression. Such a person has higher chances of involvement in bullying due to internal working model continuity (Gabe, & Monaghan, 2013).
Social Learning Theory
This theory hypothesizes that the family background of a child may cause a child to become a bully in school or even lead to sibling abuse at home. This may be due to family variables such as social learning through role modeling, observation and reinforcement. Children are majorly shaped up by the environment and people around them in life especially when they are still young. They may also learn from their elder siblings, school mates or even teachers and do what they see such people do in life.
Biological Theory
This theory propose that nurture and nature may both lead to bullying as a result of attention deficit disorders allergies, hormones, genes, physiological overactive thyroids and personality traits which may arise during early stages of infancy or in the process of pregnancy (Shariff, 2008).
In light of these theories, biological causes are the most rampant. According to Shariff (2008), the school population comprises 6% of the children who display chronic behavior problems that stem from biological sources. These are mainly due to medication and nutrition taken by the mother during the pregnancy or substance abuse. The child may also lack crucial nutrition during his or her early life development stage, and this may lead to the impaired growth of the brain cells. In other cases, a third of the bullies suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome attributed to their parents’ lifestyle at conception or during pregnancy. Such issues may lead to the development of unusual personality traits of the bullies like poor concentration, hyperactivity, inability to defer gratification, impulsivity or even low empathy.
One of the interventions that I recommend to the school administration to use to help the bully is to educate her about bullying. They should nurture empathy and foster awareness by ensuring that the bully views her actions from the perspective of Brandi, who is the victim. The bully should be reminded of the legal and punitive consequences of her action by the school discipline committee to ensure that she does not repeat her behavior.
Gabe, J., & Monaghan, L. (2013). Key concepts in medical sociology. London: Sage Publications.
Shariff, S. (2008). Cyber-bullying: Issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home. London: Routledge.
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