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HUMN 6151 WK#4 &5 - Essay Example

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In the discussion of the theory of doctoral students’ professional identity, most researchers agree that in the pursuit of their doctoral education, students face academic and other stressors that define the themes of socialization and professional identity development. In the…
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HUMN 6151 WK#4 &5
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Download file to see previous pages research has been carried out to focus on relating the experiences of these students to their developing individualities as scholars and academics (Sweitzer 2009). Consequently, the use of the term ‘identities’ with doctoral students gets more obscure since little significance is paid to the process of its construction. In such obscured meaning, most doctoral programs continue to emphasize the role of research for students graduating with PhD while forfeiting the need for extra skills required in the attainment of their professional identity. During their socialization, doctoral students are expected by the community to work hard and pay them back for supporting them by attaining better grades (Gersick, Bartunek and Dutton 2000). This introduces pressure on the students as they seek to meet the expectations of the community.
An important question to guide this study will be: “what factors and experiences, during doctoral education, influence students’ professional identity development?” Answers to this question sheds light on the identity of doctoral students as scholars and academics who can creatively generate new knowledge and are reliable to transform such comprehension through application, teaching, and writing.
The two identified theories are identity theory and social identity theory, and Erikson’s psychological theory. While social identity theory is founded on structural symbolic interactions, social identity theory commenced with the social categorization. Though the two theories comprise of numerous overlapping concepts, each has an agenda, tradition, and central point of focus. A major difference is that as social identity theory focusses more on the aspects of group behaviour, intergroup relations, contextual responsiveness, and a clearer differentiation between group and role (Stets and Burke 2000). Conversely, the identity theory seeks to emphasize more on behaviour, specifically by drawing upon underlying sociocognitive processes like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HUMN 6151 WK#4 &5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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