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This stage tends to occur during the early years of childhood. Erikson insists that this stage is the most important stage that a person has to experience in his or her…
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Video clip 11
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VIDEO CLIP 11 Erik Erikson’s developed the notion of trust versus mistrust in the theory of psychological development. This stage tends to occur during the early years of childhood. Erikson insists that this stage is the most important stage that a person has to experience in his or her lifetime (Berk 2012). It is during this stage that children establish their trust foundation and know whether to trust the world or not. This paper will analyze the video excerpt according to Erikson’s conception of trust versus mistrust.
From the video excerpt, Elliot is having a hard time establishing trust with their siblings. From his older brother, he can only get assurance by swearing an oath not to tell. On the other side, Elliot and Michael threaten to destroy their younger sister’s doll, Gerty; if she snitches their secret to their parents. It is evident that the care Elliot is receiving from his parents is paramount in building trust in the family. This action proves why Elliot wants his adoption of E.T to be a secret. On the other hand, Elliot is learning to trust his elder brother Elliot that is evidenced by willfully telling him about his secret. As for Gerty, Elliot does not trust her much. That is the reason why they compel her not to tell a word to their parents by threatening to destroy the doll that she loves deeply. Love is a resultant aspect of trust. It is the love of the doll that makes Gerty silent about the situation. According to Erikson, when a child develops trust, he or she becomes completely secure (Berk 2012). Elliot does not want to inform his parents because they might reject E.T and punish him. They, therefore, have no close relationship. Erikson also argues that for a child to trust his or her parents, they have to maintain a consistent relationship.
Erikson’s notion of trust is validated by the video excerpt. It is during the childhood stage that Elliot will learn trusting is siblings. Since the situation in the excerpt is solemn, establishing trust is paramount in the siblings’ lifetime.
Berk, L. E. (2012). Infants, children, and adolescents. Boston: Pearson /Allyn & Bacon. Read More
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Video Clip 11 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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