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Concepts of job withdrawal - Essay Example

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According to Krausz & Koslowsky (2002), job withdrawal is associated with employees removing themselves from a specific organization as well as their work role. On the other hand, work withdrawal involves removal of oneself from a work role as a result of dissatisfaction. Job…
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Concepts of job withdrawal
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Extract of sample "Concepts of job withdrawal"

Concepts of Job Withdrawal According to Krausz & Koslowsky (2002), job withdrawal is associated with employees removing themselves from a specific organization as well as their work role. On the other hand, work withdrawal involves removal of oneself from a work role as a result of dissatisfaction. Job withdrawal and work withdrawal relate to each other; they both result to drop of a specific work. Additionally, the main contributor of job withdrawal and work withdrawal is work dissatisfaction (Krausz & Koslowsky, 2002). According to Krausz and Koslowsky, job withdrawal is often encompassed of job turnover as well as early retirement. In relation to their views, it is apparent that work withdrawal precedes job withdrawal. This is in relation to the fact that unfavorable work behaviors, lateness in addition to absence are the main factors that make an employee to start being withdrawn from work and eventually requested to leave work or take early retirement.
Some employees in many organizations stay on their jobs for a long time despite having the feeling of withdrawal because of unavoidable circumstances such as lack of an immediate job or age. Unfortunately the behaviors such as working slowly, reporting into work late, engagement in non-work related conversations, absenteeism, and neglect of job tasks significantly affects the productivity of a given organization. In addition to this, the withdrawal feeling affects the relationship between employees as well as between employers and employees. In relation to this, it is apparent that negative relationships within a working environment affect the productivity of employees. The high turnover in a given organization as a result of work withdrawal also leads to the loss of competent employees which harms an organization.
Krausz, M. & Koslowsky, M. (2002). Voluntary Employee Withdrawal and Inattendance: A Current Perspective. New York: Springer Science & Business Media. Read More
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