Analyze Firefighters Let House Burn Down Over $75 - Essay Example

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The case shows a highly unethical decision made by the management of the department.
Among the things I would wish to take from the…
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Analyze Firefighters Let House Burn Down Over $75
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Analysis of Firefighters Let House Burn Down Over $75 Recognizing the Circumstances The fire fighters department in South Fulton, Tennessee, let a house burn simply because the homeowner had not remitted an annual $75 feel. The case shows a highly unethical decision made by the management of the department.
Analyzing Personal Motivations
I wish the fire fighters put out the fire regardless of the fee status.
Managing Emotions
I feel sad that the house burnt. The sadness and shock affects the policies I will make as a mayor in the future to ensure that fire fighters among other emergency responses are successful.
Questioning one’s Judgment
Assuming that the family innocent is faulty since it had a role to play but remained irresponsible
Considering Others
The situation affects the family members, the fire department and other homeowners in the city’s outskirts.
Anticipating Consequences
The negative consequence is that a family lost its home and pets. The positive outcome is that other homeowners will pay the fee in future.
Seeking Help
I would seek help from the managers of fire department before making other decisions in the fture in order to institute holistic institutional changes.
I would formulate and implement policies that ensure that every citizen obtains appropriate emergency services in future.
Lessons from the case
I learnt that ethical decision-making should always minimize the harm that people suffer from our actions.
Among the things I would wish to take from the assignment is the fact that we all have responsibilities we must take failure of which we may have to pay hefty consequences. Additionally, I have learnt that ethical decisions should always safeguard the dignity of humanity.
I believe we used Mumford’s Seven strategies in this case since they help in forecasting future scenarios thereby enhancing the quality of the ethical decisions that leaders make with the view to protecting future problems.
MSNBC. (2011). Firefighters let home burn over $75 fee – again. 75-fee-again Read More
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