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Learning and memory - Essay Example

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They are virtually used in many varied fashions in the wide variety of the places. Though the professionals have carefully studied them, they are also well known and used by most people on the daily basis. Fortunately, I am one of…
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Learning and memory
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Extract of sample "Learning and memory"

Download file to see previous pages Memory is the essential part of all the learning because it enables one to store and retrieve all the information that she or he has learned. The positive reinforcement, serial recall, and learned helplessness are some of the learning and memory models that I have put into action in my life.
Firstly, I had a special interest in the concept and the various factors that make up the positive reinforcement. In my premise, I could do some experimental work on the three children that I used to babysit especially during the week after coming from school. After the three children have left school full of the energy, I could put them to complete a series of the tasks before evening. I had the expectation that through the positive reinforcement it could help them to handle their responsibilities promptly. In order to achieve this, I first came up with the specific instrumental response to effectively produce the reinforcement. Next I spoke to each of the three children and asked them what they would choose as an after school activity. The children named the television, video games and playing with the other neighborhood children. I then explained to the children that if they behaved well and finished their homework earlier, then they can spend an hour doing the activities of their choice. However, I was very clear that if they didn’t complete their homework, they couldn’t get any playtime-there be no any positive reinforcement if the instrumental response is not there. Afterward, there was positive reinforcement because the children completed their homework more quickly and with little whining.
In the article by Okano, Hirano, and Balaban (2010), “Learning and Memory”, the authors argue that memory is the most fundamental component of the mental process. The neuroscientists study the mental process by the use of the extremely ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Learning and Memory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Learning and Memory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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