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The research question of interest in the study seeks to define helplessness and how self-play gives a significant role in issues of susceptibility to helplessness based on accomplishment. The research was also seeking to view achievement-based helplessness as a syndrome that…
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Download file to see previous pages Firstly, very few studies have directly addressed and discussed the issue of helplessness in young children. A lot of the existing literature talks about the changes in improvement variables that tend to bring about helplessness to children at an older stage of their lives or even to adults. These variables include perceptions of ability or even personal control. The approach used though overlooked the likeness that a pattern of helplessness related to reduced patterns, negative self-perfection and negative effects too if they exist in young children is always linked to some other factors that are not commonly studied.
Again, the tasks and the methods of assessment that were used earlier in other studies related to this study may not be entirely appropriate for the young children. Many of the procedures that were used in the past required the children to some mixed success and failure outcomes over diverse trials or to remember the past events that do not display any noticeable outcome. The young children might completely require a task in which performance results are very clear and visible to other people.
The study was aimed at defining self-helplessness by determining the ability of the small children to accomplish some given work that was in the form of puzzles and two other studies that made it possible to make a conclusive finding about the study topic.
The research was conducted in three different studies to understand the topic of study better and give out the required findings. The studies were conducted using an age-appropriate methodology and the use of an individual differences approach in order to find out whether some of the young children reveal a helpless prototype following a task failure. The procedure used was the same in all the three studies. The procedure was first to select an essential attribute of the helpless pattern that is found in the older children that might as well be found in some of the little ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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