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The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society - Research Paper Example

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The study "The Need for Counselling For Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society" is basically intended to basically gauge the need for counselling for young Sikhs in a multi-cultural society. The paper focuses on the culture, function, ethnicity, goals, moderation-mediation model of Sikhs. …
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The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society
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Extract of sample "The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society"

Download file to see previous pages Mainly on young Sikhs (16 to 25 years of age) shall lay special emphasis on issues of religion, family, culture, attitudes and values, and the importance of identity and whether the intervention of counselling is acceptable to him/her.
The report shall not only analyze the need for counselling young Sikhs who reside in a multi-cultural society, but it shall also provide a detailed summary of research along with recommendations in order to achieve a maximum advantage.
There is an internal and external struggle for young Sikhs which stems from the restriction their religion imposes upon them and then their own personal choice which is secondary. The inconsistency and infighting are such that religious and cultural beliefs have become intertwined resulting in further anguish and confusion. The dilemmas faced by young Sikhs are such that they feel unable to discuss these with their friends that are not of their religious background therefore the understanding and empathic level is limited. Some religious restrictions are that:
The Sikh religion restricts young Sikhs from smoking or participating in any form of drug habits, this is a further frustration for them as they have no release mechanism when dealing with difficult or stressful situations – the choice is withdrawn.
Generally, within the Sikhs communities, there are extremely strong links with the extended family and Sikh men and women tend to stay longer with their families. In many Sikh families, traditionally, the personal sense of individuality is subsumed within the family identity. The person is not so much seen as an individual but as a member of his or her family. What he or she does reflects upon the whole family; it is standing within the community and amongst other members of the extended family; and honour (izzat), which extends beyond just the immediate family.
Personal identity is framed within this structure and an individual’s actions can, therefore, be seen or interpreted as a threat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society Research Paper, n.d.)
The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society Research Paper.
(The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society Research Paper)
The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society Research Paper.
“The Need for Counselling for Young Sikhs in a Multi-Cultural Society Research Paper”.
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