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Parenting differ in four important areas namely nurturance, communication skills, discipline strategy and expectation of their children. Such differences play a fundamental role in the future of the child’s behavior…
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Permissive Parenting
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Parenting Style Introduction One of the most challenging experiences is parenting. Parenting differ in four important areas lynurturance, communication skills, discipline strategy and expectation of their children. Such differences play a fundamental role in the future of the child’s behavior. Parents and caregivers play major role in their children’s behavior. However, their perception of how their children think and should be raised is crucial in determining children’s behavior. Personally, my parents and caregivers affected my behavior as have reflected past events of my life.
Parenting styles noticed from my parent and caregivers.
Having reflected back, specifically my dad was an authoritarian character. He was ever strict on discipline, communicated less and was always expecting the best of me. He communicated in a commanding tone and never considered my opinions most of the times. This made me more passive and had to do his way to avoid punishment. Back in school, my grade one caregiver was more authoritative, she had rules for us to follow and breaking had consequences. Though she considered our feelings despite the rules, we remained made aware of them. Her parenting skills really made me a different person in school compared to home experience. I could make my own decisions in school and evaluate safety risks on my own. Was always happy and performed at school since I was sure there would be no punishment despite any misconduct.
Examples on how my father and caregiver affected my behavior
The statements my dad always made towards me were very strict and I never had any option but to adhere. For instance, when he sent me to the supermarket, he had to time my movements.” You have only ten minutes to bring the dog meal from the supermarket, if you come a minute late there will be no snacks for you today”, I had no otherwise despite the long lanes at times in the supermarket. On the other hand, at school my caregiver was better than dad was. We had options and incase the set rules were not followed, there would be no punishment. She had time to listen to our opinions unlike my strict dad. She would say “no one was to have left over after any meal otherwise she will not be their friend anymore”. However, we still could not finish eating our food and she would still accept us as her friends. Having spent more time at home, I developed a hostile behavior that has been a great problem since my adolescence due to my father’s character. Spending more time at home contributed to my aggressive nature.
How I would raise my children
For my kids, I would give them opportunity to express their feelings and in case of mistakes, I would correct them. Giving the child opportunity to express himself and at the same time giving counsel makes a well-behaved child as per my perception. I have noticed many incidences with my music teacher, she was ever strict with us when it comes to practicing; we feared her so much that when we saw her come, everyone would start practicing. This on the other hand has assisted us in good performance and we have won so many trophies.
Wilson, S., Peterson, G. W., & Steinmetz, S. (2012). Parent-youth relations: Cultural and cross-cultural perspectives. London: Routledge. Read More
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