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This essay describes of microaggressions, many things go through my mind. At times, I tend to think that I am abnormal in some way. For instance, my friends may at times make fun of my accent by mimicking me. I am forced to react to the microaggressions verbally by abusing the bullies…
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When I hear or witness cases of stigmatization, I empathize with the targets of prejudice. Perhaps, my identity has played a part in my increased understanding of other peoples’ situations. Personally, I have brothers and sisters that I care about so much. Therefore, I can describe myself as a compassionate person. I do extend compassion to other people as well. That is why I find it in my heart to sympathize with the people who are treated badly in the society[Rig12].
I can think of a certain incident when my identity helped me to understand ad empathize with a disabled person. I had visited a certain country in Africa when I came across a crippled beggar in one of the towns. Driven by compassion, I gave him some few coins. After some time, I witnessed the city council officers in the country mistreating the beggar claiming that he was disturbing the tourists. I felt so sorry for the crippled man. The memory is still vivid though it was some few years ago[Rig12].
I will never give up on showing compassion to the various minority groups that are usually discriminated against in the society. I will show compassion in many ways. I will continue with my spirit of giving and helping the less fortunate. When I come across any LGBTQ person, I will try to show him or her that he is accepted in the society. If I happen to be a rich man in the future, I will establish charity foundations.
In the face of microaggressions, many things go through my mind. At times, I tend to think that I am abnormal in some way. For instance, my friends may at times make fun of my accent by mimicking me. Such jokes make me feel as if I am worthless. I am forced to react to the microaggressions verbally by abusing the bullies. However, I noticed that such reactions work towards increasing the microaggression. I later found out that being calm solves the problem. Whenever I encounter the microaggressions, I just remain calm[Nad13].
I have never been in any situation where a person disclosed to me that he has been a victim of a microaggression. However, in case a friend discloses to me that he/she has been a victim of any micrtoaggressions, I would just comfort him/ her by words and actions. Furthermore, I would advise such a person to remain calm always, in the face of any microaggressions[Nad13].
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