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Individuals have unique perspectives towards the things that happen to them. Psychology studies the human mind from childhood to when the person grows up. Broadcasting psychological movies…
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Psychology Movie Critic
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Psychological critics in movies al Affiliation) In life, people interact with each other in order to gain insight fromdifferent cultures. Individuals have unique perspectives towards the things that happen to them. Psychology studies the human mind from childhood to when the person grows up. Broadcasting psychological movies creates awareness of the perspective (Morris & Maisto, 2008). The Beautiful mind is a movie that broadcasts about psychological in the society. A beautiful mind is a suitable movie that has a good title for a Hollywood. The film talks about the life of mathematician John Nash, who comes from Virginia. An emotionally driven film tells about the life of John Nash who suffers from Schizophrenia. The video shows how the disease affects the principal actor psychologically. The disease changes the life of John Nash because it makes him go through an emotional disturbance. The principal actor, Russell Crowe, is no able to distinguish between what is real and what is not real. Schizophrenia psychologically affects the development of the artist (Thacker & Hughes, 2013). He cannot manage his emotions when dealing with other individuals. The brain problem psychologically changes the perception of the lives of individuals. Individuals begin to treat John differently once they learn that he has a psychological problem.
He attends Princeton University, and he struggles to make his time at the institution worthwhile. John Nash receives an award for his splendid performance in mathematics. During his stay at the University, he can make new friends fast. He is searching for an original idea for his research paper. He is under pressure to finish his project, and he receives a rejection from a woman at the bar. This idea inspires his ideas and his work in the concept of dynamics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology appoints John and his friend to work in the institution (Thacker & Hughes, 2013). He later falls in love with one of the girls on the campus. After a few years of knowing, each other the couple get the chance of marrying each other. His return to Princeton University sees him run into one of his roommates, Charles. He also meets an agent of the Department of Defense and he introduces him to a secret United States of America facility where he solves a complex problem. He helps them to solve a complex encryption allowing them access to an enemy telecommunication. He easily deciphers the code mentally, and this pleases the individuals in the Defense Department.
John is obsessed with the work, and it starts to affect him psychologically. This prompts his wife to call the psychiatric department because he became out of control. It is evident when he is giving a lecture and believes that there are Soviet Union agents hunting him down because of his skill. He attempts to flee, but individuals from the psychiatric department catch him. It is clear in the scene that he was having psychological problems. It is because we find him believing that the strangers were Soviet Union agents to extract information out of him (Thacker & Hughes, 2013). His mental development is impaired because of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia affects his reasoning and causes him to become mentally unstable. He loses interest in life, and he neglects his hygiene because of the psychological conditions.
Researcher in the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders uses the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). It is a program developed by numerous experts in the effort to try to diagnose mental disorders (Morris & Maisto, 2008). There are certain criteria to follow when dealing with cases of mental health. According to the DSM-5, John Nash falls under the category of Schizophrenia, and there are two criteria for diagnosis. He has one of the three positive symptoms of the diseases. In the movie, the actor hallucinates, and it helps because it will enable him get help. According to the DSM-5, John has depressive bipolar and psychotic disorder. There should be a significant change in the mood disorder for the diagnosis to be successful. The change of attitude is for the improvement of the reliability of the diagnosis. John is paranoid, and it makes him believe that there are individuals following him for information.
In conclusion, John has a psychotic disorder according to the DSM-5. At the end of the movie, John still hallucinates despite taking new medications. He manages to ignore altogether the psychotic episodes that affect his lifestyle. He does not hesitate to confirm whether the new acquaintances are real individuals and not one of his many hallucinations. The brain problem psychologically changes the perception of the lives of individuals. Schizophrenia psychologically affects the development of the actor. Understanding psychology helps the society to treat psychiatric individuals with respect (Morris & Maisto, 2008).
Morris, C., & Maisto, A. (2008). Understanding psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.
Thacker, M., & Hughes, C. (2013). Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind. Mental Health Clinician, 2(8), 246-247. doi:10.9740/mhc.n132978 Read More
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