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Examples Of Mental Illnesses In Popular Media - Essay Example

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This essay outlines that precious is a sixteen-year-old African American girl who is illiterate. She lives with her abusive biological mother Mary Johnston. She lives in Harlem which is a Ghetto in New York. The movie depicts that Precious is going through psychological issues…
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Examples Of Mental Illnesses In Popular Media
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Precious is abused by her own biological mother and is forced to cook and eat food which is unhealthy and is contributing to her issue of obesity. Her mother uses abusive words for her such as dummy bitch and she even hampers her self-esteem. Due to this, she experiences rejection and disconnection with her peers.
Precious is even a mother to two children who were born to her as a result of her being raped by her father and this act of her father is supported by her mother. Her father and mother are two main sources that cause physical and mental trauma to her.
Precious has alienated herself from reality and lives in her own world where she is treated with care and respect. The movie depicts that she is quite frequently involved in her imagined world and in this world she is a complete opposite of who she is in the real world. She even escapes her house after being physically abused and raped and when she learns that her father is HIV positive. In order to cope with the reality, she seeks comfort in her fantasy world or she over consumes food which is a cause of her obesity and shame in the society.
Precious is also depicted as experiencing hallucinations in audio and visual form. She experiences hallucinations when she is oppressed by her own mom and the hallucination she experiences depicts that she desires to be loved. One of the examples of hallucination depicted within the movie is when Precious is sitting in the classroom and all walls and the blackboard around her start to move and she experiences nonexistence TV news and Martin Luther King. The self-image of her physical appearance is even distorted and is exactly the opposite of reality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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