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The girl’s name is Rhoda Penmark, who is portrayed as a killer. She is the only child of Kenneth and her mother Christine Penmark, and her father usually…
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Bad Seed Movie
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“The Bad Seed” movie review The Bad Seed is a movie created in 1954, talking about a mother realization that her daughter (young) has committed murder. The girl’s name is Rhoda Penmark, who is portrayed as a killer. She is the only child of Kenneth and her mother Christine Penmark, and her father usually goes away on a business trip, leaving them alone at home. Her mother begins to notice strange behavior towards her classmate by the name of Claude Daigle (Murray, 2003). The classmate inexplicably drowns while at a school picnic. The death of the boy was presumed accidental, but there was unexplained details about how he died.
Rhoda cunningly lied that she hadn’t seen Claude for quite some time, and that it has eventually surfaced that she quarreled with him about a medal he won before.
1. The character of Rhoda Penmark being the savviest personality.
Rhoda Penmark is that astute persona who uses her charming character to conceal a mean behavior. She denies ever having a hand in Claude’s death until she was threatened by Leroy that the police will unravel all the mystery (Murray, 2003). She uses her healthy personality to do more harm because she does things that nobody will ever unravel in the end. She is so savvy that she decides to kill Leroy by setting his bedding on fire while he is asleep.
Her personality won’t portray her as evil but in the end everybody realizes that she is the one who killed her classmate. She even attempts to tell lie to her mother. Her mother eventually commits suicide so that she doesn’t see what her child has become.
2. OCEAN trait theory of Leroy Jessup personality.
He is the maintenance guy at Monica Breedlove. The personality of Leroy as depicted in the movie while considering the trait theory of OCEAN is;
Openness- he noticed that Rhoda is not like other kids within the neighborhood, and continuously taunts her. He also tells her one cannot clean away evil with water alone but accepting that she was wrong all along (Murray, 2003).
Conscientiousness- he sees bad character in the girl and made it known to others that she was not a good person. He hides the shoes which she (Rhoda) had when she killed Claude and refuses to let her have them until she admits to her actions.
Extraversion-he is that man who works extra hard to meet the needs of the family. He is depicted as a depraved fellow who sees things the way they are and he realizes that Rhoda has a kindred spirit tormented by her actions.
Agreeableness- in the movie, Leroy being the only other adult in the setup, notices the different behaviors that Rhoda exhibit (Murray, 2003).
Neuroticism- he is a depraved individual and exhibits a sick mind. He denies having the shoes, and he is burned to death.

3. Freud, Maslow and Bandura theories on evilness of Rhoda.
These theorists had different views on evilness as evident in the movie (Murray, 2003). Sigmoid Freud suggests that children’s habits and other traits are inborn and if left unchecked can bring disaster to the entire family. He accepts the hypothesis of the movie. Abraham Maslow agrees to a certain extent that, evils sometimes are associated with genes streaming down the family, as seen in Rhoda’s biological mother, while her father works as a military man. Albert Bandura believes that human beings are active in processing information and finally the relationship between their behavior and its consequences. He believes that there are other processes that works to shape the society, and strongly believes that there are other factors.
4. Solving the problem associated with Rhoda’s traits
The problem can be solved in various ways, but Christine, not knowingly ended her life before deciphering anything. In fact, should have reported the matter to the police and Rhoda would have been arrested to face justice (Murray, 2003). That is an inborn attribute that only correct counselling will solve.
Work Cited
Murray, Rebecca. "The Bad Seed Sprouts for Director Eli Roth". Guide, 2003. Web. 5 Nov. 2015. Read More
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