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Fight Club Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Since Fight Club release in 1999, the movie received an array of polarized discourse because of its critical and problematic portrayal of late capitalism because of its obsession with profits and excess consumerism…
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Fight Club
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"Fight Club"

Download file to see previous pages The story is a distortion of core US obsession culture of consumerism, therapy and violence because the movie initially offers fighting as remedy and male bonding exercise in hope to re-masculine men castrated by consumerism. The understanding in the movie never seeks to resolve personal dissatisfaction within the public sphere; but rather suggests that organization is feasible via private and violent expressions. However, the brilliant representation of violent acts in the disruptive way offers a way of inciting discourse regarding gender identity and violence, which leaves space for public discussion. The movie tends to open this space, regardless of its critique because violence offers a way of analyzing culture dictated by consumerism and commercialization and showing the challenges associated with normal gender relations. Hence, fight club seems to be a necessary way of discussing the gender identity and the generation of white masculinity. The fight club presents the discipline of violence as a therapy for masculine powerlessness and such a discipline prepares a man for pain essential to contest social power in job, relationship and conceivably in the large socio-political arena. The cleverness in the movie leaves one with the feeling of powerless and insensitive as the movies plays with serious problems within the society; even though, it does not offer any resolution. The movie tweaks the discourse because qualities of discarded objects are significantly brought to life in the film as they are animated in the relation between use of value and exchange of value. However, the movie illustrates capitalism by the struggle within domains of use and exchange and defends the use of value and exchange of value in a manner consistent with moderate defense of capitalism. At its best the boxing movie offers suffering as a way of attaining insight instead of endorsing pain as an avenue of power and appropriates conflict within the movie. The value of the movie lies in its power to stir people and force them to contemplate their own lives in a crucial way and then decide if the individuals have chosen reasonable option to undergo change. Although, the movie does not offer answers, which remains the single reason the movie is disdained, the movie aims at evoking the right concerns and motivating the people to act. Fight club offers a contemporary emotional wasteland and ridicules people fledging attempts to cope exemplified when Jack wakes while on business flight and meets Tyler, who offers a different solution that involved blowing out apartment, learning to strike and taking a hard punch and relishing the pain. In the movie, boxing translates to pain, which is essential in liberation because the movie advocates that through willingness to embrace suffering, one can overcome fear and exercise power that would culminate in resurrection of one’s masculinity. Members of the club engage in knock down aimed at making individuals feel good through fist fights and the club soon attracts disciples who consider Tyler to be their leader. Tyler take the mission of urging followers to reclaim masculinity through renouncing possessions, stale routines and comforts by expressing their rage through bloody, bare-knuckle fistfights. The movie’s triumph is paradoxical because one overcomes powerlessness through channeling anger in bare-knuckle fights that regenerate the psyche while battering the body. Hence, power in the movie arises from self-immolation because at night the desire to hit and be hit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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These and many other readings are all valid, but then so is the existential reading. Especially in the conception of the central character of Jack/Tyler whose existence absolutely precedes his essence. Contrary to expectations, the fight club of the movie isn't what the film is really about; it really stands as a metaphor for fighting for expression and identity.
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