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The phallic stage in psychology is the third stage of the development of a child when the awareness, as well as manipulation of the genitals is the primary source or pleasure. The phallic stage can also be referred as the third stage of the psychosexual development, which span…
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Psychological perspectives
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Psychological perspectives Psychological perspectives Apply phallic stage to nursing practice and evaluate The phallic stage in psychology is the third stage of the development of a child when the awareness, as well as manipulation of the genitals is the primary source or pleasure. The phallic stage can also be referred as the third stage of the psychosexual development, which span from age three to six years. It is in this stage when children learn about their bodies by gratifying physical curiosity as they explore and undress each other.
During this stage of development, a child has various demands and needs including the need of an infant to nurse among others. Different psychological perspectives have a different theory or explanation of a person’s behaviors that influences not only the psychologist’s indulgent but also the further research is conducted. Phallic stage is considered to lie under the biological psychology perspective (Scalzitti, 2007).
(Main concepts of behaviorism perspective) Apply two concept of behaviorism to nursing practice and evaluate
Behaviorism is a psychological way of life that has a philosophical manipulation in the understanding of behavioral aspects, as well as mental aspects of life. In most cases, behaviorist theories are based on the notion of learning that refers a moderately permanent behavioral change or change in knowledge because of experience (Scalzitti, 2007).
Since nursing practices poses various risks of harm to the public, the association of nursing has integrated various psychological perspectives to ensure that professionalism as well as due care is enhanced. Essentially, behaviorism is concerned with behaviors that are observable rather than the internal events such as emotions and thinking. Observable behaviors can be scientifically and objectively measured. Internal events such as thinking can only be explained by behavioral means.
Scalzitti, E. L. (2007). A Depth Psychological Perspective of the Meaning of Womens Bi-erotic
Nature. New York: ProQuest. Read More
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