Psychological Perspectives: Compare and evaluate Psychodynamic and Humanistic perspectives - Essay Example

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Most of it is to explain human behavior, and are used for counseling, education, organizational management, etc. Two prominent psychologists have been pillars in psychological counseling: Sigmund Freud, who…
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Psychological Perspectives: Compare and evaluate Psychodynamic and Humanistic perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages Its founder, Sigmund Freud’s idea of the three systems of personality, the id, ego and superego being in constant battle within a person is likened to a person’s continual debate of what is right and wrong, and then behaves according to his moral decisions. Such decisions are affected by what society dictates as well as what the person truly desires for himself (Corey, 2005).
Freud views human behavior as determined by irrational forces, unconscious motivations and biological and instinctual drives evolving in the first six years of life (Pervin, Cervone & John, 2005). Although the Freudian view of psychosexual stages of development coincides with other contemporary theories on human growth and development, this writer opines that it is degrading to the human spirit. It demeans a person’s capacity to make sound judgments because he is viewed as enslaved by his biological fixations and primal needs. It is as if it implies that a person is imprisoned by his past experiences and that his horrible past determines his woeful future.
To survive living with negative experiences that may have marred a person’s personality or life views, he develops “defense mechanisms” that aim to keep those traumatic experiences repressed in the unconscious (Myers, 1995). These defense mechanisms are usually practiced by everyone in their daily life not knowing that they are applications of Freudian thought. An example of a defense mechanism commonly used is ‘rationalization’. If a person has strived hard to reach a goal like applying for a certain job position and does not get it, he would rationalize to his family that he was not so interested in it after all. It is much like the fabled fox “sour-graping”. This is an attempt to mask his utter disappointment and maintain an “unaffected” façade to the people around ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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