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The effect of agoraphobia on personality in children - Essay Example

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Agoraphobia is typically a highly incapacitating disorder that is characterized with fear of ‘open spaces.’ This disorder affects a substantial percentage of people in a given population. Normally, the Agoraphobia disorder begins with spontaneous attacks of panic, followed…
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Extract of sample "The effect of agoraphobia on personality in children"

Download file to see previous pages In severe instances, agoraphobic people may develop a kind of fear that would make them almost homebound (Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, 2009). Such agoraphobic places or situations are avoided because of the bodily sensations that instill some fear into an individual. It is therefore not surprising that it is very common for other daily activities that cause such interoceptive sensations are also avoided by these agoraphobic people. This kind of avoidance of social places is what is referred to as ‘agoraphobia,’ which a severe anxiety of being in a situation or place from which it might be difficult to escape or in which it might be very difficult to get help if an attack occurs. Though a number of scientific studies indicate that biological and psychological mechanisms could be the causes of agoraphobic disorder, the proper etiology of this condition is still not known. This paper will highlight the effect of agoraphobia on the personality in children.
Agoraphobia disorder can have a serious impact on the personality of the children to an extent of no reversal. The main aspect of personality that is affected by this condition is the ability to avoid fear while away from home or from far from familiar people. Children with this condition will develop panic attacks in a process that will lead restrict their movement to places (Stevens, 2006). Gradually, these kinds of children will start developing excuses for not going to those places. In most cases, these children will start playing at home without any big problem but will always look for excuses for not going. A common reason given by the agoraphobic children for not going is that their stomach is hurting or they simply do not want to go.
According to prospective studies, agoraphobia disorder is associated with causing the affected children to develop an anxious ambivalent behavior. As observed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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