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Treatment by a Humanistic Psychotherapist - Case Study Example

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In the report “Treatment by a Humanistic Psychotherapist” the author provides the case study of the psychological condition of Penelope. Humanistic approach has been chosen as the mode of treatment because it is a realistic mode of treatment.  …
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Treatment by a Humanistic Psychotherapist
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Extract of sample "Treatment by a Humanistic Psychotherapist"

Download file to see previous pages This approach involves quality counseling which is essential in case of mental illness. A person suffering from mild or severe illness should be given counseling from a very good professional level. This can educate the client about the pros and cons of their disease which help in curing the disease effectively. As the individuals suffering from illness are in a distressed stage they need a lot of pacifying and consoling from the psychologists.
 Psychology is a combined term which consists of word ‘psyche’ and ‘logy’. The derivation of "psyche" comes from Latin and the Greek - breath, life, soul. To get a better "feel" for this term try to think of it as the invisible animating principle or entity that occupies, interacts with and directs the physical body (Zimmer,1999). For numerous years, the study of psychology has been the analysis of human spirit, soul or mind. Even though there is some relation to human brain and mind, this relation connection is still a big mystery to humans. The main reason for a psychological study being still in a bit vague stage is because the mind is a thing of intangible nature and is also immeasurable by electronic devices. Until 19th-century psychology was considered as a branch of Philosophy. It emerged lately as a unique concept in USA and Germany. Ancient civilization also had an immense interest in human psychology. Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese civilization had great enthusiasm in studying the human mind.A mind is very much unseen to the eyes but it very well exists, as it is formed with subtle energies.
 A.S. Sharma stated about the mind like this “Although psychology has been traditionally defined as the science that deals with mental activities there has been no commonly agreed – upon definition of mind (Sharma, 1987, p. 83). Psychology can be said to be the study of mind and the way it works. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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