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The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluations for Educators - Coursework Example

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Microsoft dynamic GP 10 gives its users a chance to enter payment and receipts using such methods as promissory notes or bills of exchange, use of credit cards, checks alongside cash payments. There are two types of payment document; those that have a specific payment due date…
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The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluations for Educators
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluations for Educators"

Comparing SAP ECC 6.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP10 based on payment document management Microsoft dynamic GP 10 gives its users a chance to enter payment and receipts using such methods as promissory notes or bills of exchange, use of credit cards, checks alongside cash payments. There are two types of payment document; those that have a specific payment due date and those whose due date are not specified. Payment documents can be managed by both the SAP and Microsoft system. SAP system is a standard-based and open solution designed for deployment of enterprise where security, collaboration and business content are considered critical. Users enjoy access to work and collaborate on corporate, personal and business content. Utilizing SAP mobile platform to deploy and build mobile application that help to keep individuals connected. SAP program is a mobile application platform that solves mobility challenges as well as supporting mobile application that fit the business to consumer or business to enterprise use case and helps balance device the requirement of the user with enterprise requirement (Klamm, Bonnie and Joann, 21). The paper will compare the Microsoft dynamic system and SAP programs based on the payment document management.
Comparing SAP program and Microsoft dynamic GP 10 basing on payment document management
In the past years, the increase in complexity of the products has resulted to the creation of development tools that are increasing complex, such as more advanced production processes and computer aided design such as computer aided manufacturing systems. Computer aided design system and computer aided manufacturing system tools have been utilized to optimize production quality and times. As the process become more complex, the systems utilized for the management of technical document entails the need for it to more sophisticate. The many procedures describing products such as texts and design drawing means that there is huge increase in the data that has been stored digitally. The availability and quality of documentations is becoming increasingly significant. The management of the various documents under the SAP system present various advantages that includes linking document management to production systems and computerized development with the aim of avoiding data redundancy, minimizing the work load involved as well as maintaining consistency of data in entering and updating data (Piessens,31).
Both the Microsoft and the SAP systems have got their own weaknesses and strengthen in their overall functionalities. The SAP system for example is much difficult to navigate and should be considered as more of a command based programs than just clicks and point. Dynamic is truly click and point and is more user friendly as compared to the SAP system. One of the advantages of the SAP document is that once the user has been trained on how to utilize the system, and is ready to use it, the system is powerful and efficient. The approach may be effective in coming up with an elaborate payment document management. Data has to be exchanged securely and quickly in order the use the large databases to the full. SAP program has made it easier to access information by utilizing electronic search tools or identify document through known parameter (Piessens, 29). It is also possible to search and display documents through the internet and intranet. The cost can be lowered considerably through reduction of access time and the workload that is often utilized in performance of routine tasks. Additionally, the user can be able to utilize document distributions to supply documents that are controlled by using the document management functions either automatically or manually according to processes that are company specific.
These ensure that the external partners or the employees responsible can view or process the information that is up to date. Having strict product liability law in place stipulates that it is becoming increasingly significant to achieve the documents the product’s life cycle. The quality of the product includes the whole organizational environment and the production process as well as the product itself. Management of documents within such the SAP system is able to meet all the available complex requirements (Piessens, 26). The system is able to coordinate document processing in addition to managing the documents. The system can be able to automate the life cycle of various documents through creation, storage, access and update. Each document will be accessed quickly from any computer that is available in the network of the systems. Payment document management is often available on the SAP GUI that is often located on the Web user interface. Document management system is often made up of a range of functions for document management which can be stored both in the external system and the SAP systems. The systems have a lot of benefits. Payment document management that can be found in numerous SAP applications and its functional interface means that there exist numerous ways of processing the documents. Management of document is considered one of the central functions. Deep integration among the SAP system affords a wide range of functions with the users having various options.
A few differences and many similarities were identified when running through the Microsoft system and the SAP program. Both systems were generally the same in terms of overall functionality. For instance, the system gives the user basic provisions for creating the employee even though some smaller differences occur in the general process of developing the various items. When focusing on the interface, SAP system requires more training. Users have to understand what should be done before hand in the SAP system. However, SAP system is unlike Microsoft where the user begins creating division without much training. The intuitive folder scheme in Microsoft is often set up as a click atmosphere and an easy point. The set up is often easier and the same as the windows interfere. The payment document will pull up immediately when the functionality is clicked. Basing on the creation of the functions, the user utilizing the SAP program finds it more methodical once they are in the correct module. The system often takes the user across various divisions, companies or departments. On the other hand, windows tend to pop up with majority of data in the 1st window (Piessens, 25). Microsoft system does not require the use to go through various processes in order to access the payment document. The other difference is that the SAP system utilizes reports to export different file types such as excel and words. Basing on the same issue of reports, the user will be able to export the document directly to micro soft office files without utilization of any intermediary systems. The SAP system has a desktop that will allow the financial manager to access the payment documents while at the same time correct many eras that may be associated with the documents. The intuitive and standard set up will allow the manager to navigate through the windows as quickly as possible.
There are various differences that are associated with the two systems. The users are often required to utilize the information in the receivable management module and payable management as well as update the bank reconciliation modules and general ledger. The differences will focus on the development of the payment document creation and access towards the document to help identify the mistakes and make effective corrections. The SAP system is often conducted as an organizational unit with the Microsoft dynamics focused on the division. The other difference among the units is that the Microsoft dynamics create a single division at a time while the SAP mechanism creates multiple decisions at a single time. The Microsoft dynamic GP10 seems to have a lot of benefits compared to the SAP mechanisms. The advantage of the of the Microsoft creating a single division at a time is due to the fact that all information including address, codes, phone number is entered when the division is developed(Klamm, Bonnie and Joann, 42). Such information is easily and accessed at a faster rate as compared to the SAP program. In the SAP system, for example, the user has to edit the information. It is easier to create the payment document one at a time and that the system can easily go back to obtain extra information that is significant. SAP system on the other hand helps to create multiple units at a given time and that the information can be obtained easily by the users.
The user find it easier to create a payment document through business units created under different divisions done through selection of the organizational units. However, basing on the Microsoft dynamics, there is no alternative for adding a department to a division and you need to go in and re-organize the move later. The process of creating the payment document using Microsoft dynamics or the SAP process differs from time to time. Microsoft dynamic is often faster since all information that is required pops up with the 1st window. The data are usually accessed immediately rather than progressing through a channel of windows (Piessens, 23). The SAP system often entails the use accessing one piece of the information at a time and starts with access to the title before moving to the descriptions. The SAP system often takes the user through over ten infotypes where all initial information of the employees is entered. Microsoft dynamics on the other present the screen together with all the information that is needed. Inflotypes often takes the user through all the information that is required in setting up the payment document. The Microsoft dynamic system has an added advantage over the SAP system since it allows the user to click on the buttons associated with additional information such as salaries.
It can be realized that the majority of differences often lie with the development of amount of information and creation of items that are supposed to be entered initially. SAP walks the user through each window methodically while Microsoft tended to bring up the required information on the 1st window. However, each of the system possesses benefits towards creation and access to a payment document (Klamm, Bonnie and Joann, 12). A user is able to get to the initial menu through utilization of Microsoft system while SAP system was easier once the menu was navigated properly. The other differences in the system are as a result of naming the various functions that includes seats and positions as well as organizational units and divisions. The organizational chart of the SAP system is quite attractive and shows various ways in which the document can be assessed. The core function of each of the system is the same and the resultant information is often necessary for compliance. Microsoft dynamic system provides options for adding general information as well as family information about an employee and their salaries.
Work cited
Klamm, Bonnie K., and Joann Segovia. "creating financial statements using microsoft dynamics gp: learning vs. teaching." proceedings of dynaa 4.1 (2013).
Piessens, D. "Event Log Extraction from SAP ECC 6.0." Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Master’s thesis (2011). Read More
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The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluations for Educators Coursework - 1.
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