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Essentially, Kuhl is of the view that children learn languages by mapping critical aspect of language through what she refers to as…
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Download file to see previous pages at is interesting is the fact that this ability is so ‘sharp’ that the infant is able to distinguish between typically all languages, an ability not found in grown ups.
Patricia’s presentation can be understood in the context of language acquisition among children. It has to be noted, especially through observations, that children are well adapted to acquire language better than grown ups. Looking at how children acquire language compared to how adults do the same, especially the second language, there is no doubt that children are better in this task. It the key issue according to Patricia is that when we speak continuously, children are able to pick out units from that language and are able to segments this into unique ‘units’. It is from these units that children are able to pick out their statistics, making each language and its words unique to the other languages.
My point is that interactions with the baby is important in aiding language acquisition. When Kuhl exposed a baby to 12 laboratory visits, to teach them Mandarin, each time exposing the babies to audio visual devices, the results were negligible. This was in stark contrast with the same experiment but which involved face to face interaction. Looking at the above, in this experiment involving exposure to audio-visual devices to learn language, even the statistics the baby’s ability to learn a new language appears to have been hindered considerably.
The above is important especially in this world of technology. A lot of parents have found pleasure in having their young children operate their electronic devices such as iphones. Indeed, there are instances whereby such instances have been able to operate such devices even before they begin to talk. Besides, there has been considerable debate as to the impact of exposure to television on the development of language acquisition skills. From this presentation, we get to learn that such an exposure is detrimental to language development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See File Attachment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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