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In my childhood, I felt insecure and always needed someone older to accompany me. I felt intimidate especially by strangers, and I was unable to address people in a group setting or a classroom. All this emotions…
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Personal thoughts
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The emotions that I experience have changed greatly in my life. In my childhood, I felt insecure and always needed someone older to accompany me. I felt intimidate especially by strangers, and I was unable to address people in a group setting or a classroom. All this emotions were as a result of lack of confidence and maturity. As I advanced in age, I become more confident, and I can face new situations without fear of rejection. I have also improved my public speaking skills and can control stage flight. The improvement in my confidence has been a direct result of the many group activities we undertake in my course.
The class has challenged how I view emotions. I believed emotions were spontaneous, and there was no way of control how I felt. Thus, I was helpless in most situations that involved emotions. But now I believe there is chance that my mind is capable of controlling how I feel. Since emotions are the many way we form connections, I believe this change will greatly improve how I relate with others. The more positive I am, the higher the likelihood that other people will be positive toward me. Before this class, I used to react offensively, and the behavior was putting off a lot of people. People felt I was unapproachable but the class has helped to stay positive and react to people in a positive way.
Mental illness results from repressed emotions in our unconscious mind. Emotions and memories must be accepted and released to achieve good mental health. For example, one of the most interesting mental disorders to me is the anxiety disorder. The emotion of anxiety is universal and familiar to everyone. But when they cause significant distress and impair the normal functioning, then they can be termed as phobia. Phobia refers to an irrational fear of things or situations, and it is the most common form of anxiety disorder. The most common phobias include fear of driving, fear of certain insects like a spider, fear of height, fear of meeting strangers, etc. Phobia is irrational since it is not grounded on any fact, but the mind assumes the object to be dangerous which may not be the case. Read More
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Personal Thoughts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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