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Wilson’s rationale behind posting good papers on the bulletin board was to positively reinforce the students who wrote well, while at the same time make those students who did not write well enough for their papers to appear on the bulletin board, to aspire their papers…
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The Bulletin Board What might be Mr. Wilson rationale from posting good papers on the bulletin board? Mr. Wilson’s rationale behind posting good papers on the bulletin board was to positively reinforce the students who wrote well, while at the same time make those students who did not write well enough for their papers to appear on the bulletin board, to aspire their papers to be posted on the board one day.
2)The concept of self- efficacy refers to a learners belief in his or her ability to perform a certain task successfully. How might the original bulletin board (i.e., the one that displays only A papers) affect the self- efficacy of be Mr. Wilson students?
The original bulletin board that had papers with grade A is likely to affect the students differently. Students who scored the A grade and their papers are placed on the bulletin board. They are more likely to be encouraged by their previous success because they know they can do well. Therefore, they can be said to have developed self-efficacy. Moreover, in case the students who have scored A decline found their papers are not being placed on the board, they can work with determination to improve their performance by developing resilient self-efficacy.
For the students whose names never appeared in the bulletin, their self-efficacy has declined but it can be enhanced by observing other students whose papers have appeared on the bulletin board. Their self-efficacy will be boosted especially when they perceive the students whose papers get to the notice board having the same ability and age as them but they still write papers that meet the required standards.
3) What kind of attribution is Xias making when says, “No matter how hard I try, I’m just not good enough for the bulletin board”? How is such an attribution likely to affect his future performance?
Xias appears to be disgusted by the fact that his work has never made it to the bulletin board regards of the rigorous efforts he had put before. Xias is likely to have his self-efficacy negatively affected. The reason is due to the tendency that the learners inhibit from their previous successes and failures, which make them, believe they can handle certain tasks or not. Xias is likely to give up due to the failures and challenges he had encountered in the attempt to get his paper stuck on the bulletin board. Unless Mr. Wilson intervenes to provide another way to enhance Xias self-efficacy, he is likely to perform dismally.
It is my conviction that Mr. Wilson had put the bulletin board so that he could motivate those learners who made efforts to write distinctive work and make those who did not have their work posted to aspire to be like their colleagues who were doing well. Unfortunately, the bulletin board end up making some students to get gloomy and frustrated because they felt discriminated even after giving their best they still could not appear on the bulletin board. The learners’ notion of frustration is elaborated in the social cognitive concept of learning which states that previous success in an activity helps a learner to develop self-efficacy while failure frustrates the learner and he/she might not opt to handle the task against. Read More
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