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Practical Report; Cerebral ( Asymmetry ) Lateralization - Essay Example

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The study investigates the proposition that the phonological (verbal) processing, as measured by a rhyme/non-rhyme task, is faster and more accurate in the left hemisphere than in the right hemisphere of the brain. So as to do this, the study used the divided visual paradigm to…
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Practical Report; Cerebral ( Asymmetry ) Lateralization
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Download file to see previous pages The acquisition of literacy of education rests on the development of elaborate links that exist between vision and language (Hugdahl & Westerhausen, 2010). The visual system of the human brain learns how to recognize rapidly letters and letter clusters that are across a huge range of shapes and viewing conditions. Hugdahl and Westerhausen (2010) argue that the efficiency of the adult reading system rests on the brain’s ability to identify rapidly and in parallel arrays of numerous letters. Undeniably, word reading latencies are reasonably constant regardless of the word length, at least with a reasonable range of three to six letters. According to Bryden (2012), this perceptual ability takes approximately five years of instruction to develop, and an effect of word length sticks at the least to an age of 10 years.
Language is possibly the most distinguished and powerfully lateralized function in the human brain. Much of knowledge on the organization of language in the human brain is grounded on the correlation of location of lesions in the neo-cortex and behavioral deficits (Bryden, 2012). Notably, several language areas in the brain are located within the left hemisphere. A puzzling attribute of the structure of the human brain is that its two hemispheres are functionally and anatomically asymmetrical. The asymmetries in the structure of the brain are not only visible in a general view but also at the degree of the morphology of a person’s neuron (Corballis, 2012). Conversely, even though there is a little discrepancy between facts of asymmetry in the brain, there is substantial disagreement about why the two hemispheres are asymmetrical.
Anatomical asymmetries in the human brain mainly center on the language areas (Corballis, 2012). However, it is tempting to speculate that anatomical asymmetries evolved to subserve language. Besides, these asymmetries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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