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Various qualitative materials contributed to the learning of many things associated with lack of sleep. I realized that many of the readings I accessed…
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Importance of sleep/time mangement
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Reflection Letter Importance of Sleep/Time Management Researching on the topic “Importance of Sleep/Time Management” has opened my eyes on the significance of sleep in life. Various qualitative materials contributed to the learning of many things associated with lack of sleep. I realized that many of the readings I accessed regarding time management associated poor time management with extensive use of technological facets. My visit to some night shift workers also showed that people waste time in other unproductive things such as narrating stories and watching movies. However, there are two key things that I found very essential in management of time. The first thing is Activity Logs. I learnt that Activity Logs enables one to monitor time wasted in doing unproductive things in life. The second thing is the To-Do List. Like Activity Logs, To-Do List enables one to plan for the activities of the day starting with the most important. Incorporation of these two things in my program will probably aid in the management of time so that a person can have enough time for sleeping. Despite this, carrying out the research will have some limitations. I will mainly used published qualitative materials in carrying out my research because of the involvement of the research topic and the unwillingness of many participants to share the information about how they manage their time. Read More
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