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Reflective Diary - Essay Example

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She was on my 11 o’clock appointment list and her name is simply indicated as Jane. In respect of boundaries in counselling, I do not ask her what her problem is but…
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Reflective Diary
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Download file to see previous pages She seems hesitant about stating the real issue so I start by explaining to her the ethical principles of confidentiality and benevolence which I am bound by and this seems to keep her at ease and she even offers a loop-sided grin (American Psychological Association, 2010). She finally starts with her story which is rather depressing and she even breaks down at some point. All I can do is nod and provide a few encouraging words to her to make her continue as well as show her unconditional positive regard through expression of warmth as well as not bringing up open critiques or interfering with her during communication and respecting her pace of communication.
During her breakdowns, I take time to reflect on what she is telling me and how she approached her situation and cannot help noticing the differences in her cultural belief and mine as well as her approach to situations and mine. I however do not let these differences interfere with my listening skills or my provision of empathy to her which seems to have a calming effect on her as well as provide the morale to continue with her story. I have to keep reminding myself that the client’s needs come before mine on the few occasions that she keeps drifting from the topic to other unrelated issues. This however I have realized are a way to help ease her into a difficult issue she wants to discuss but either feels embarrassed or is too angry to be coherent.
Maintaining boundaries of competence at this point is proving to be the greatest ethical challenge of all. When she is through with her story and is waiting for me to say something, I have to remember to put her cultural context into account before counselling her as mentioned by Kanekar, (2011). This is so because her beliefs and mine are clashing and in as much as I want to instil my culture in her, I have to remember to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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