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COUN 506 WK 4 DB Replies - Essay Example

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As a counselor, it seems that you have a deeper understanding of your role. You precisely and honestly respond to your client’s questions so adequately. Apart from taking your time to keenly listen to them, you go…
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COUN 506 WK 4 DB Replies
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Extract of sample "COUN 506 WK 4 DB Replies"

Discussion Board Replies Discussion Board Replies Krishna Rochester Krishna, you provided very important answers to your client. As a counselor, it seems that you have a deeper understanding of your role. You precisely and honestly respond to your client’s questions so adequately. Apart from taking your time to keenly listen to them, you go ahead to explain to them that your role is not to eliminate the client’s suffering, but simply to compassionately help them to relieve suffering. It was quite satisfying because you went ahead to justify your responses by providing a quote from Psalms 34:9 which properly explains Christian perception of suffering. From here, the client can properly understand the nature of suffering from Christian perspective. This demonstrates that you can be a good Christian counselor who is committed to tactfully persuading clients to come into terms with their sufferings and overcome them.
Thomas Calvert
I would like to commend you for providing persuasive and justified responses to your clients. By clearly outlining the strategies and procedures that you will comply with while attending to your client, it is quite clear that you know your role as a counselor. Although you categorically explain to the client that you can not end their suffering, you politely and exhaustively explain to them that all is possible through the intervention of God. Also, to persuade the client, you explain to them that the alleviation of suffering can not be done within a short duration because it requires enough time. Better still, you go ahead to allude to relevant biblical verses such as Romans 3:13 and Romans 5:3-4 which provides the client with all the necessary information they should know about suffering. You are indeed a real Christian counselor. Read More
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