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Consistent and inconsistent of client centered theory - Essay Example

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In the client-centered theory of counseling, the primary focus is on the client where he or she is capable of looking at their problems and coming up with solutions on their own. The role if the counselor in this theory is almost like that of the parent where they offer…
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Consistent and inconsistent of client centered theory
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Download file to see previous pages The theory refers to client instead of patient merely because the counselor and the patient are seen to be on the same level rather than a doctor and a patient. The counselor must make sure that they set a comfortable environment for the client to be comfortable and feel relaxed without too much pressure.
The counselor must offer congruence which means that the counselor must show genuine concern for the patient. People tend to relate more positively to people who show genuine concern for them. The counselor must also be empathetic towards the client and show sympathy and understand what the client is going through. The counselor should be accepting towards the client regardless of whether the feelings of the client are conventional or not. The counselor should not show any agreement or disagreement during the session and the client should not in any way sense any disapproval from the counselor (Cooper 2007). The counselor and the patient should be able to contact each other psychologically which means that they should connect on an emotional level. The entire conversation is led by the client where she or he is free to give out or withhold any information as they wish.
In this case, the client went to a restaurant with a friend who works at the same restaurant. However, after some people went into the restaurant, she started feeling very uneasy that she could not continue eating and considered leaving. She approached the counselor who uses the client-centered approach.
When she enters the office, she introduces herself and the subject that she wants to talk about. The counselor does not suggest in any way what she should talk about and it is at the discretion of the client to decide what they want to talk about and what they do not want to disclose. She is specific as she says she wants to talk about her experience at the restaurant where she frequently goes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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