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Create Mock Interviews with Five Psychologists - Coursework Example

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The social instincts encompasses frameworks of human behavior in terms of emotions and how this emotions are manifested in actions (Darwin,…
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Create Mock Interviews with Five Psychologists
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Download file to see previous pages My research on human evolution and how the expression of emotions by humans demonstrate how empirical testing can be carried out using information gathered from different species to learn about how behavior evolves and adapts (Darwin, 2014). This method that involves comparative analysis is the most significant in a dynamic psychology subject.
Psychology poses questions that help understand how different traits contribute to organism’s survival adaption success, and if the traits have been shaped to adapt to natural selection directly or just by-products of something else developed to suit new functions (Darwin, 2014).
The religious conditions that prevailed proved to be a major challenge to my work including its publication. The perceived incompatibility of my evolutionary theory -which relates directly to psychology- and the religious biblical chronological account of creation of human beings. The religious fear that my theory overthrows the literal understanding of the biblical explanation of origin of man (Darwin, 2014).
My perspective on the subject matter of psychology is consistent with Darwin’s evolution theory (functionalism). Functionalism, consideration of the total organism as the organism functions in its environment. In simple terms the organism as a perceiver of the environment (Martin, 2002).
The most effective method in studying subjects rather deviates from the traditional abstract theoretical approach, the approach involves a functional practical technique. A functional approach is more pro-active in its execution.
With my functional psychology theory, I laid the basic foundation that influenced progressive education and psychology in the United States. My emphasis on practical acquisition of knowledge being a collective effort that is based in the social circumstance and contemporary culture of the subject (Martin, 2002). I provided a divergent view that allowed exploration of psychology, a view supporting pragmatism, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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