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Views on punishment/beating - Essay Example

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Corporal punishment is still an extensively used method of administering discipline in a majority of the American families, and it has been criticized in equal measure by children authorities and psychological communities. Multiple studies have been done by scholars in respect…
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Views on punishment/beating
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Extract of sample "Views on punishment/beating"

Views on Punishment YourFirst YourLast Views on Punishment Corporal punishment is still an extensively used method of administering discipline in a majority of the American families, and it has been criticized in equal measure by children authorities and psychological communities. Multiple studies have been done by scholars in respect to finding the effects that corporal punishment has on children. One particular study conducted by an American psychologist Elizabeth Thompson involved looking at both the negative and positive conduct in children that were linked with corporal punishment (Gershoff, 2002). There is a broad accord that corporal punishment is effectual in getting a child to conform straight away while consequently, child abuse analysts and researchers warn that corporal punishment in many cases escalates into child physical abuse.
Thompson, however, warns that her research findings do not mean in any way that all the children who go to corporal punishment result into delinquency or aggressiveness. A number of elements are usually in play, and they play a vital role in determining the outcome. Situational aspects such as the relationship between the parent and the child can determine the outcome and the effects of corporal punishment (King, 2011). The writer additionally argues that learning the actual effects of corporal punishment needs establishing the boundary line between maltreatment and the act of undertaking punishment. Analysts reckon that it is a herculean task to do, particularly when depending on the parents personal reports of their punishment methods and understanding of normative punishment.
Other numerous studies have revealed that corporal punishment including caning and spanking may lead to augmented hostility, rebellious behavior, physical pain, and psychological issues for young ones. It is reported that Americans use of corporal punishment has been on the decline since late 1960s. However, ratings reveal a majority of American families still endorse of parents spanking their children (Yaffe & Burg, 2014). Analysts contend that in all the research studies directed towards this subject, none whatsoever correlates a childs corporal punishment with positive results.
Gershoff, E. (2002). Corporal punishment by parents and associated child behaviors and experiences: A meta-analytic and theoretical review. Psychological Bulletin, 128(4), 539-579. doi:10.1037//0033-2909.128.4.539
King, L. A. (2011). The science of psychology: An appreciative view. New York: McGraw- Hill..
Yaffe, Y., & Burg, D. (2014). Corporal Punishment as a Parental Practice and Anxiety in Pre- adolescent Children. Jsss, 1(2), 13. doi:10.5296/jsss.v1i2.5099 Read More
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