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Understanding the Phrase Moral Panic - Coursework Example

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From the paper "Understanding the Phrase Moral Panic" it is clear that the environment around the students i.e. the society is hostile, the majority of them carry (Blaine, 2008). Though they attribute this to self-defence, one would not need a weapon to defend themselves against peaceful people. …
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Understanding the Phrase Moral Panic
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Extract of sample "Understanding the Phrase Moral Panic"

Download file to see previous pages Morals are passed from one individual to another is society through socialization which is one of the key functions of the various institutions that exists in society namely the family, religion, the school and many more. These institutions majorly use literature among the very many media that exist to pass down morals from one generation to another. Going through the human history of literature, plenty of fictional stories, for example, the Goosebumps (Blaine, 2008). These stories served as an avenue of entertainment but also as a source of morals because they informed, improved, and instructed their readership or audience (Butts, 2006), for example, the novels by Dickens Charles, over the years have been a great source of morality. This is because Charles Dickens has extensively written on the various social and economic ills that face society. Charles Dickens, in his book, David Copperfield talks extensively on the economic and social ills of the society (Dickens, 1899).
In children’s literature, the concept of morality is widely depicted. For instance in storytelling, teachers are always concerned with the morality of the story. Literature has been widely used for purposes of explaining and imparting the concepts of morality in an individual (Butts, 2006). The concept of morality is more common in the literature of children. Literature books and stories are therefore a great source of moral teachings.
Panic, on the other hand, is the sudden feeling of fear that is usually very great at particular instances that it replaces reasonable thinking with overwhelming agitation as well as anxiety (Clarke, 2002). Panic might be experienced by an individual or get experienced by a group of people all at once at times referred to as panic of the mass or mass panic (Kenneth, 2006).
Panic dates back, way back, and man over the years has deduced means of using panic to his advantage. It is believed that men used panic during the pre-historic period to hunt animals for food (Clarke, 2006).  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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What Do You Understand by the Phrase 'Moral panic' Please Coursework - 1.
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