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Psychology, Discourse and Language - Essay Example

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Often, the status of discourse analysis is referred to as a theoretical perspective rather than a social life’s epistemological…
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Psychology, Discourse and Language
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Download file to see previous pages Researchers’ assumptions, research interests, and philosophies on how to define discourse analysis are different. Different school of thoughts, analytic interests, and understandings of discourse are easily categorized within and across disciplines.
The range of discourse analysis approach also includes critical perspectives. An example of this is when critical discourse analysts take explicit ideological and socio-political stands towards data analysis (Valsiner, 2012). Some critical discourse analysts apply a lot of emphasis on the transformative nature of the evaluation while others, especially those close to the conversation analytic field explicitly focus on the micro-dynamics of the speaker’s orientation and interactions.
There are several factors that make discourse analytic approach provide more insights into social phenomena than any other approaches. One of these factors is that the different fields of discourse analysis share common themes. In whichever form discourse analysis takes, it probes the nature of social actions by analyzing how meanings and actions are constructed in the context of text or conversation. A discourse researcher practically searches for an order or pattern of how the text or talk is organized and how social life, inter-subjective understandings, and a number of institutional practices are constructed, accomplished and reproduced. For instance, how do individuals make sense of their identities, and how are groups and collectives formed and preserved through conversations or text? Another valuable analytic tool falls under the psychological classification of interactions. It is how people make sense and use of memories or emotions in interactions, and what social role do the psychological classifications play in interactions. In discourse analysis, a researcher may also focus on long-term and historical discursive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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