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Critically evaluate psychologists' contributions to the promotion of pro- environmental behaviour - Essay Example

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Environmental behavior generally refers to all activities or actions that could potentially alter the availability of resources or energy from the environment or even result in a change in the organization and dynamics of the natural surroundings. Pro-environmental behavior, on…
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Critically evaluate psychologists contributions to the promotion of pro- environmental behaviour
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate psychologists' contributions to the promotion of pro- environmental behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages ster a profound understanding and promotion of pro-environmental behavior, psychological contributions are critical to the global agenda for environmental sustainability. This paper seeks to critically evaluate the role played by psychologists in promoting pro-environmental behavior, thereby reducing the environmental impact of human behavior while promoting environmental sustainability in the process
The critical environmental challenges being experienced worldwide, including global warming, urban air, and noise pollution, are a great challenge to the long-term sustainability of the environment (Steg & Vlek, 2009). Evidently, many of the environmental problems have a basis of the behavior of humans (Penn, 2003). For instance, human activities including the use of fossils, deforestation and cattle rearing contribute to the processes that lead to a change in the global climate. Nevertheless, these activities are also in turn influenced by a number of other human activities such as government policies, and economic and technological changes in addition to the rise and movement of populations, among others. Indicatively, human attitudes, susceptibilities, beliefs as well as the socioeconomic structures in the society within which people live are undoubtedly the overriding determinants of human actions and/or activities in all the situations (Nordlund & Garvill, 2002). This has fostered the notion that a relevant shift in human behavior is a prerequisite for ensuring environmental sustainability, particularly because it could potentially minimize the impact of human behavior on the environment (Lehman & Geller, 2004).
Over the years, a vast body of psychological research that is dedicated to establishing and testing hypotheses of human actions that have an impact on the environment, or basically environmentally significant behavior, has emerged (Stern, 2000). Psychological factors have a significant influence on the overall energy consumption levels in households; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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