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Treatment Plan - Case Study Example

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Jeff and Sandy have been married for 21 years and have been blessed with two children; a son Jacob who is 18 years and their youngest sibling Leo who is 15 years old. The two have independent jobs with Jeff owning a car business that has been affected with financial difficulties…
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Case Treatment Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the slow business and the downturned economy from the car business has further created more financial pressures on the family. This can be attributed to Jeff poor spending as well as poor management skills resulting from his drinking habits.
Jacob, the eldest son, suffers from Asperger syndrome. Due to his condition, he has been alienated away from the society. He suffers from depression and overall sadness making him struggle with social engagement. He feels alienated, misunderstood and always disturbed. During the family counseling sessions he sits, looks at the floor and locks back and forth. When he is engaged in the counseling session, he turns to be agitated and begins steaming. The couple is perplexed in regards to their elder son’s behavior and the husband Jeff reacts with anger towards his son more compared to the mother. No one really understands Jacob in the family and due to his behavior; the family never visits any friends and family members. When they visit friends he wants to go home early or will behave strangely. Thus, the couple puts the blame on the school system for their son’s behavior. On the other hand, the youngest sibling is quite distant and disengaged to the family. The school grades are deteriorating from an average B to an average of D over the last four years. He never associates much with the family and reports increased frustrations over the years. The family is in a mess, and it needs to back its pieces together.
As describe above, the family is faced with many issues, and it has to collect its broken pieces together for it to be successful again. The main obvious reason that has caused the disengagement of the family can be attributed to Jeff recent trends of his behavior over the last years. As the head of the family, he should act as the role model for the others to follow. However, this is not the case, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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