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Major depression disorder - Term Paper Example

In addition to that, community resources can also be used to reduce risks of MDD by having diagnosis, counseling and medication provided at the early stage. Major Depressive Disorder 1. Introduction Major depressive disorder is a mental disorder comprising the episodes of sadness and low self-esteem. There are various symptoms of depression that can be diagnosed clinically. Where its symptoms can be categorized as normal changes in mood, the severity and frequency of these changes can act as a criteria for being diagnosed as a patient of clinical depression. There are also various modes of treatments available such as medication, clinical and community interventions involving psychological treatments etc. It is important to note that MDD is one of the most common types of mental disorders, and most of the individuals suffer from depression at some point during their lives. According to Molina et al. (2013), women are more likely to suffer from MDD as compared to men. In addition to that, women are more likely to divulge into self-criticism and severe episodes of guilt, sadness, and sleep disorders. Major depressive disorder can have a disabling impact on the patient’s life and can affect quality of life and continuation of normal functions, i.e. eating, sleeping, studying etc. 2. Symptoms of Depression Some of the common symptoms include: 1) Fatigue 2) Low self-esteem and guilt on a frequent or regular basis 3) Inability to make decision or concentrate 4) Sleeping disorders 5) Anhedonia

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High stress level *Financial matters as commonly the sources of high level of stress can lead to depression. *Relationships have an impact on individual’s mental functioning which made it other remarkable sources of stress. Alcohol or drug abuse *Drugs and alcohol make an individual susceptible to mental disorders.
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The Depression and Coping Mechanisms
How is depression defined in academic circles? Academic professionals have written many books and articles about depression based on their specific academic circles. On the other hand, mental health specialists explain depression as a feeling of low self-esteem, low moods and a lack of interest in enjoyable activities.
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Major Depression Disorder
For a diagnosis to be made, the patient needs must register these feelings every day for at least two weeks. The DSM-IV manual includes other symptoms that could be associated with major depression, they include fatigue and loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, impaired concentration and indecisiveness.
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or a loss of interest in regular activities or enjoyable activities 6) Significant weight variations (loss or gain) 7) Thoughts of death or suicide 8) Low sex drive (Depression Care Plan Guidelines, 2004). There are various risk factors that can further aggravate the severity of this disorder. Such risk factors include a loss of social support and relationships, financial or occupational problems, past history of depression, substance abuse and alcoholism, comorbidity, psychomotor agitation, side effects of medication etc (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009). 3. Causes of Major Depressive Disorder Some of the possible causes may involve biological differences. Research has indicated that due to changes in physical structure of brain, individuals tend to suffer from depression. In addition to that, hormonal dysfunction and misbalance are some of common problems that patients of MDD may face. Such misbalance can be triggered by multiple factors including lifestyle choices and health issues. Depression is also more common in people who have reported family history of MDD. Therefore, other than personal circumstances, hereditary characters can also play some role in the onset of depression. Extreme events such as death of loved ones, highly stressful circumstances, financial issues etc, can also trigger MDD. Lastly, childhood trauma and issues can also cause depression. Major life changes, psychical and mental abuse, and personal conflicts are also some of the most common causes behind major depressive episodes. 4. Treatment of MDD There are various treatment mechanisms that are used by specialists for treating this mental disorder. However, some of the common treatments include anti-depressants, psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, residential treatment programs, computerized cognitive


Major Depressive Disorder Institution Abstract Major depressive disorder represents an extreme form of mental disorder in which patient experiences severe and frequent episodes of sadness and low self-esteem. For nursing management, there are various symbols that can be used for identification of MDD…
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Major depression disorder
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