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Why do we forget Choose two theories of forgetting to support your argument with experimental evidence - Essay Example

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This paper aims to evaluate the question concerning act of forgetting among individuals with the evidenced based context of the theories including Interference theory and Decay Theory. In this regard, theoretical underpinning was undertaken, in accordance with the science of…
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Why do we forget Choose two theories of forgetting to support your argument with experimental evidence
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Download file to see previous pages Talking about the Interference theory of forgetting, it is noted that on its assumptive ground, individual tends to forget a material because of the interruption of other material in the mind. The assumption or the statement of the theory has been put forward on the basis of A-B and A-C paradigm that has allowed many researchers to make experimental underpinnings. On a deeper evaluation of the theory, it comes to understanding that the second learned material is C that is a competitive one when it comes to the cluster of material A-B (Bower, Thompson-Schill, & Tulving, 1994).
The theorists of the interference theory clearly remarked on the processes of human learning and memory intrusion by dividing the whole phenomenon into retroactive and proactive interference. The former interference method applies that in case the human brain does not recall of the initial information then the host tends to forget that material because of new material. On the other hand, proactive interference shows that forgetting takes place because of the intrusion of the material that was present in advance. The previous material is probable to affect the present or newly entered material within the human memory (Anderson, 2003).
The founders of the interference theory namely Barnes and Underwood (1959) have been widely acclaimed by a number of researchers on the basis of their theoretical underpinning. As per the research conducted by Bower, Thompson-Schill, and Tulving (1994), it was observed that the study by Barnes and Underwood serves the basis of groundwork for theories within the domain of animal memory testing, short-term memory, etc. The list of theorists who have defended the theory of interference makes a long list. For instance, Lewandowsky, Geiger, and Oberauer (2008) have clearly mentioned in their research work that the interference theory is the reason behind cognitive psychological theories.
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