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This was indeed a good choice of a problem statement as it would help in conducting a research on this matter.
The literature review was…
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Research paper critique
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Research Paper Critique Research Paper Critique The problem ment for this research is the measure the prevalence of comorbidityamong patients of community Mental health teams (CMHTs). This was indeed a good choice of a problem statement as it would help in conducting a research on this matter.
The literature review was properly conducted by carrying out documentary analyses of previous researches done by reputable authorities in this discipline. This made the research to be valid and authoritative.
To conduct an extensive research, it was necessary for the researcher to come up with hypothesis. These included: a) is it true that comorbidity is more prevalent amongst the patients of community Mental health teams (CMHTs) than other class of patients? And b) to what extent does cormobidity prevalent on patients with cases of drug abuse? These were so appropriate because they would show some direction to the researcher.
Since the research was to be conducted using a large population size, it was necessary for the researcher to use a sampling technique. Thus, he adopted the random sampling procedure to help in selecting the proportionate sample size to represent the entire population. This was effectively done because it did not have any bias.
The research design used was survey. All the 353 substance misuse and 400CMHT patients used as a sample were so representative. All the participants had the desired qualities to represent the entire target population.
To collect the data, the researcher opted to use questionnaires and interviews as the tools. These were used as recommended hence enabling the researcher to collect reliable and valid data for the studies.
The recommendations given were so relevant and feasible. If implemented, they can help in understanding this problem as well as coming with appropriate measures to remedy the situation. They can be relied upon even by future researchers. Read More
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