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Task Analysis - Coursework Example

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Kindergarten children with an average age of 77 months participated in the study. The conventional recommendation for these steps is 6 strokes for the group. The brushing tracker fails to recognize the possible brushing strokes;…
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Task Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages When the total time for brushing takes 120 seconds, meaning that each teeth needs 5 seconds of brushing time. The brushing techniques recommends one 6 back and front strokes for one to clean every area of the teeth. The duration for each stroke, need to be 0.71 seconds. The motions of the physical brushing are recognized with the help of vision brushing tracker displayed on the LCD display. Experiments were also carried out to measure the brushing trackers accuracy(Davis, Jensen, & Falls, 2004). During the experiment, the researchers performed the horizontal motion with the help of a playful toothbrush. The sessions of brushing were recorded using the video camcorder. The recordings were analyzed by human observers who determined the number of strokes. The accuracy calculated by number of strokes was found to be 98.6%. The experiment demonstrates the brushing system accuracy under the ideal conditions. Since young children tend to exhibit unpredictable behaviors in brushing, the error rates were measured to be 98.6% (Jonassen, Tessmer & Hannum, 2009).
In continuous sampling, the behaviors of the subjects are measured continuously over time thereby making the process to be systematic. The occurrences of behavior are recorded as soon as they occur. The techniques are best used when the ethogram are small, making it undetailed. The sequence sampling is also implied. Meaning all the sequence behaviors are recorded in the order of their occurrence (Cochran, 2007). On the other hand, in sampling techniques, the subject behaviors are measured discontinuously over a certain period making it unsystematic. The recording methods and techniques are better used for state’s behavior rather than events. Here the behavior of individuals and groups are recorded at set period intervals. Under scan sampling, groups are scanned at intervals, therefore, every bit of recordings is noted down making detailed though time wasting (Jonassen Hannum,& Tessmer, 2009). Under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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