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PSYC 475 DB1 - Essay Example

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The classical theory of crime had establishment during civilization in Western countries, as a result of the harsh punishments exposure to the law offenders. The classical theory explains a positive way of defining crime based on the force that makes an individual to commit a…
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PSYC 475 DB1
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Download file to see previous pages s it more attractive, the use of fear of punishment to control crime and the impact of severity of the punishment in deterring criminal behavior are also in consideration (Taylor, 2013).
On the other hand, positivist theory emphasizes on the impact of an individual’s biological makeup in their criminal behaviors. The theory argues that, criminal behavior among individuals is because of biological, social as well as psychological influence. The two theories of crime are applicable in reducing the severity of punishment incurred by lawbreakers (Adler, 2013). However, biological composition does not influence the criminal behavior in an individual. Moreover, the benefits of crime are the main drivers of criminal behavior in humans. Individuals commit crime to satisfy their personal needs such as basic needs (Taylor, 2013).
The three perspectives of human nature include the goodness of human nature such that everyone intends to do the right thing in his or her life, the fallibility of human nature in that it is exposed to ethical lapses and finally the influence of the culture on human nature (Wilson, 2012). Regardless of the goodness of the human nature, the culture has a great influence on an individual’s character that corresponds to the arguments of classical as well as positivist theories (Adler, 2013).
The scripture emphasizes on the importance of implementing harsh punishment on criminals, which is in opposition to the arguments of classical theory (Exodus 22: 1-31). The scripture disagrees with positivist theory that the criminal behavior is biological in nature. However, the scripture agrees with various human perspectives based on the classical theory, which discourages the adverse punishment on criminals (Matthew ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PSYC 475 DB1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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